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What Leaders Are Saying
Brandon Webb"Commander Mark Divine is a proven leader, successful business owner and mentor to civilians. If you're ready to take a stand, look no further than The Way of the SEAL."
Brandon Webb, former U.S. Navy SEAL
and author of the New York Times bestseller The Red Circle
Brandon Webb“The Way of the SEAL is The Book of Five Rings for the twenty-first century. Mark Divine is a true master.”
Don Mann, former U.S. Navy SEAL and author of
New York Times bestseller Inside SEAL Team Six
Joe De Sena"Mark is more than a Navy SEAL. He has the ability to teach all of us how to be the one in everyday life."
Joe De Sena, founder of Spartan Race
Susan Solovic"The Way of the SEAL is a revelation. This book will transform you into a person for whom success — in all areas of life — is as natural as breathing. From small business owners to titans of finance, everyone can benefit from Mark Divine's brilliant insights."
Susan Solovic, award winning entrepreneur, media personality and bestselling author of The Girls Guide to Power and Success
Joe Stumpf"Whether you are a Fortune 500 CEO, an entrepreneur building your own empire, a student, or an athlete, what you'll find in Commander Divine's book The Way of the SEAL is the complete road map for creating the next highest version of yourself. It's a must read!
Joe Stumpf, Master Real Estate Coach and founder of By Referral Only
Joe Stumpf“There’s a lot [Navy SEALs] can teach us about setting and meeting goals—even if we’re more likely to fi ght rush-hour traffi c or navigate squabbles than enemy warfare.”
USA Weekend
Joe Stumpf“The Way of the SEAL…teaches key principles…I recommend for every entrepreneur.”

Mark, I finally had a chance to sit down and actually read books over my honeymoon. I brought 10 books to read and finished every single one. Your book was among the bunch, I loved it. (The Way of The SEAL) What a powerful read. Thanks for your literary contribution to the world -- more people need that book in their hands, hearts, and minds.

Looking forward,
Joe Musselmnan
Founder & CEO
The Honor Foundation: A Transition Institute for SOF

'I am an educational psychologist and mental health practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the field of behavioral assessment and change, as well as an endurance athlete. I can say that Mark Divine's book is THE best encapsulation and straight-ahead "How To" book on self-assesment, goal setting and personal behavioral change for improvement that I have ever seen. Anyone who really applies what Mark Divine lays out in his program will see real change and improvement happen across all of the different areas of their life -- work, home, etc. I can say that because I did it, am still doing it, and it works! If I could buy a case of these books and just hand them out, I would.'
--Tom Delaney

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Former Navy SEAL Commander Divine gives you the step by step plan you need to take charge of your destiny and succeed at work, at home and in life.

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